Raeisi- Commercial

Raeisi Commercial Company takes pride in its performance and excellence in responding to the needs of the ever-changing and ever-challenging business trends. www.1b1e.com

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Raeisi - Realty

Raeisi Real Estate Co. is a luxury property brokerage and investment advisory firm with an exclusive portfolio of properties globally. Raeisi Real Estate Co. has emerged as the premium and the top entity in the market. www.raeisirealty.com

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Raeisi- Tourism

Our mission statement is flexibility, integrity and quality in services with a personal touch, combined with buying power and local influence... www.safarline.com

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Agro - Industry

Raeisi Agro-industry Company engages in agricultural and livestock operations. The company cultivates and harvests agricultural products and breeds livestock and aquatics. The company is based in Iran. www.raeisiagro.com

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Raeisi - Automobile

We are committed to delivering well-priced, high quality vehicles, impeccable service, and the ease of Internet shopping. We know we can find you the car, truck or SUV that is right for both your lifestyle and your budget. www.raeisauto.com

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